"Engaging People, Flourishing Communities"

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"Engaging People. Flourishing the Communities". 


PT. CAN is a company dedicated to providing valuable spices for consumers. We differentiate ourselves in the means of we source our products. We believe that for creating a valuable product, it's only possible if our behavior, strategies, and operations are also creating values for the communities where we operate, for our business partners, and our consumers.

Our dedication to great tasting, healthy, and trusted products is tied to our respect for the environment and the people we work with. We believe in ideas of fairness, honesty and long-term thinking. These principles are the basis of our business culture which is reflected in our product traceability, community developments, and research in sustainable farming technology. 

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Values / Honesty

Product Traceability

We show our belief in honesty by implementing a traceability system for our products. Costumers can trace our product origin by just scanning a barcode in our product packaging. In the future, we expect customers can know all the farmers well-being involved in our business, and build symbiotic relationship based on their quality products.


We strive to build a strong relationship between customers and our farmers through a transparant traceability system.

Values / Fairness


We care so much with our partners. We believe if we want to reach a higher level, we must lift-up our partner's life.

Farmers Training

We are continuously train farmers to improve their skills & our product quality.

Champion Farmers

We are making stable progress in building colaboration and cooperation with local-farmers by developing champion farmer groups.

Learning Center

We are building a learning center for farmers to explore latest farming practices.

Values / Long-term Thinking

Sustainable Farming

We believe that farming is one of the vital sectors in building a happy life for everybody in the world. We actively engage ourselves with partners around the world in searching and implementing better farming technology for a better life.

Our Projects

In order to engage people and flourish the communities, we need to reach various stakeholders to shower farmers with benefits and brand-new technology such as irrigation and satellite system. Farmers need to know the latest industry standards and technology that can be implemented. Technology has currently matured to such a level that it can be integrated to help farmers with managing resources and adapting to climate changes.

Our goal is to develop economic, social, and environmental sustainability. We’re engaging ourselves in various development projects with initiatives around the world. We believe that together we can make a big difference. Therefore we built a network with local and international partners such as NGOs, farmer groups, research institutes, universities, and more to make a better life for everybody especially weak communities and the next generation.


Main Office

De Primaterra Blok F2 No.5
Jl. Raya Sapan - Gedebage
Kelurahan Tegalluar
Kecamatan Bojongsoang
Kabupaten Bandung - 40288
Jawa Barat - Indonesia
phone : +62 (022) 87319273
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Learning Center

Jl. Namang - Pelawan
Kec. Namang
Kab. Bangka Tengah - 33683
Bangka Belitung - Indonesia
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Marketing Office

Heijermansplein 244
3123 LM Schiedam
The Netherlands
phone: +31 10 7144925
fax: +31 10 7144926

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