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PT. Cinquer Agro Nusantara (CAN) is a company dedicated to providing valuable spices for consumers. We differentiate ourselves in the means of we source our products. We believe that for creating a valuable product, it’s only possible if our behavior, strategies, and operations are also creating values for the communities where we operate, for our business partners, and our consumers.

We are dedicated to deliver great tasting, healthy, and trusted products that support the prosperity of people and the planet. We are committed to a regenerative approach that respects the environment and the communities we work with. At the heart of our business culture is a steadfast commitment to fairness, honesty, and long-term thinking, which is evident in our transparent product traceability, community collaborations, and dedication to regenerative farming.


Prosperity of Humankind: A world where every person can thrive and reach their full potential, and where our planet and its inhabitants are healthy and flourishing.


To empower individuals and communities worldwide to create a sustainable and regenerative future by pioneering innovative solutions, delivering exceptional products and services, and fostering a culture of collaboration and stewardship.


Our mission is driven by three core principles:


We believe that by engaging people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, we can create strong and thriving communities that support the prosperity of all.


We are committed to restoring the health of our planet and its inhabitants through a regenerative approach that goes beyond sustainability to create lasting positive impact.


We strive to deliver exceptional value to our customers and stakeholders through high-quality products and services that align with our mission and values.


APPI Award 2020 – Pelaku Usaha Perkebunan (UMKM) dari Kementerian Pertanian Republik Indonesia.

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Regenerative Spices from their origins.

Come on a journey with us to discover the rich and exotic flavors of Indonesia. At our core, we believe that by empowering farmers to cultivate the finest spices, we can unlock a world of delicious and sustainable culinary experiences.