Community Development Expert for the Project aGROWForests for Sustainable Spices in Indonesia

aGROWForests Project

aGROWForests is a climate-smart agriculture project that aims to promote sustainable farming management practices in the forestry and agriculture sectors to increase resilience to climate change, improve soil health and increase agricultural productivity. The project focuses on implementing agroforestry systems that integrate trees with crops and livestock, contributing to carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation and improving the livelihoods of rural communities. 

Community Development Expert

The responsibilities of community development expert include, but not limited to:

  1. Design and implement community development programs that align with aGROWforests project goals and approaches.
  2. Identify and understand the needs, aspirations and challenges faced by the pepper farming community in Bangka Belitung.
  3. Facilitate active community participation in the project planning, implementation and evaluation process. 
  4. Build strong partnerships with local governments, NGOs, companies and other organizations to support project implementation. 
  5. Advocate the interests of pepper farming communities at local, regional and national levels. 
  6. Do actual needs and social mapping around Bangka Belitung region as input for aGROWforests project team and materials to optimize program strategies. 
  7. Ensure that the programs implemented are sustainable, responsive to change, and having a positive impact on the pepper farming community in Bangka Belitung.


Suitable candidates for community development expert must have the following qualifications and experience:

  1. Minimum a  bachelor's degree or higher in a development-related field, such as International Development, Community Development, Sociology, Anthropology, or another related field.
  2. Have a strong understanding of community development concepts, theories and practices, including community participation, empowerment, social analysis and inter-sector partnerships. 
  3. Have the ability to carry out in-depth analysis of community needs and challenges, as well as formulate relevant and effective strategies and programs. 
  4. Have the ability to communicate effectively with various stakeholders, both verbally and in writing. This includes the ability to create reports, presentations, and various other types of communication documents. 
  5. Highly skilled to facilitate meetings, group discussions and other participatory activities well, thereby enabling active and collaborative participation from community members.
  6. Have the ability to plan, manage and implement community development projects effectively, including planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation.
  7. Work Experience: Relevant work experience in the field of community development, whether in a non-profit organization, government agency, or private sector. This experience may include roles as a project coordinator, consultant, or field leader. 
  8. Field Experience: Hands-on experience working with local communities, including designing and implementing community development programs that are sustainable and have a positive impact. 
  9. Partnership Experience: Experience in building and maintaining effective partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, including government, NGOs, the private sector, and civil society. 
  10. Intercultural Experience: Experience in working in a multicultural or cross-cultural environment, as well as having sensitivity to the cultural and social diversity of the society. 


The expected output from community development expert are:

  1. Community development strategy document that is reflected through active participation and involvement of the smallholder pepper farmers community in all stages of the project, from planning to evaluation. This also includes his/her ability to engage the pepper farmers community in the level of attendance at community meetings, the level of involvement in decision making, and the level of support for project programs. 
  2. Building strong partnerships with various parties, including local governments, NGOs, companies and other organizations. The output is a mutually supportive and sustainable partnership that supports project implementation and expands its impact.
  3. Successful implementation of programs improves the well-being and desires of the communities. 
  4. Providing advocacy for the interests of the pepper farmers community and empowering them with the skills, knowledge and resources necessary to increase their independence and prosperity.

Procedure and Timeline

Interested individuals are requested to send a cover letter and Curriculum Vitae (CV). All applications (Application Letter and CV) must be sent via email to the project management team ( [email protected] ) no later than April 11th 2024. Please add "Community Development Expert" as the email subject. 

Submission of application

21 March - 11 April 2024


16 - 17 April 2024


19 April 2024


If there are questions or explanations needed related to the position required. Please contact our team via email at ([email protected]).


This recruitment is generally open to qualified professional individuals. We ensure that this recruitment process will be carried out openly and fairly for all applicants who meet the required qualifications. All applicants will be given equal employment opportunities without regard to race, gender, religion or political affiliation.

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