Media & Communication Consultant for the Project aGROWForests for Sustainable Spices in Indonesia

aGROWForests Project

aGROWForests is a climate-smart agriculture project that aims to promote sustainable farming management practices in the forestry and agriculture sectors to increase resilience to climate change, improve soil health and increase agricultural productivity. The project focuses on implementing agroforestry systems that integrate trees with crops and livestock, contributing to carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation and improving the livelihoods of rural communities. 

Media & Communication Consultant

The responsibilities of media & communication consultant:

  1. Content Development
    1. Prepare media-based marketing and educational materials. 
    2. Create interesting content for online and offline platforms.
  2. Media Relations
    1. Establish relationships with mass media to provide positive coverage. 
    2. Prepare and distribute press releases periodically.
  3. Training and Support
    1. Provide training to farmers in using media to support sustainable agricultural practices. 
    2. Provide communications support for agricultural projects. 
    3. Attract more young farmers or aspiring young farmers who are interested in getting involved in regenerative agriculture. 
    4. Create a training center landing page.
  4. Publication Media
    1. Create articles related to the aGROWforests project to upload on the website or social media. 
    2. Create short videos to support the effectiveness of aGROWforests project publications.
    3. Build and activate the aGROWforests social media project
  5. Community engagement 
    1. Convey information clearly and openly to the community about the goals, benefits and hopes of the project. 
    2. Take a participatory approach to the community to be able to contribute, provide inputs and make decisions that affect them.


Suitable candidates for media & communication consultant must have the following qualifications and experience:

  1. Experience
    1. Minimum 3 years of experience in this type of work, especially in the agricultural or agricultural sector. 
    2. Experience in managing successful communications campaigns will be considered as a plus.
  2. Skills
    1. Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. 
    2. Understand and have experience in using social media and the current or latest communication technology tools/platform. 
    3. Skills in the use of graphic design and video editing software will be appreciated.
  3. Technical Knowledge
    1. Have a deep understanding of sustainable agricultural practices and regenerative farming concepts. 
    2. Familiar with current issues in the fields of agriculture, climate change and poverty.
  4. Initiative and Creativity
    1. Ability to think creatively and suggest innovative ideas in communicating desired messages. 
    2. Proactive attitude in identifying new communication opportunities.
  5. Analytical Ability
    1. Able to analyze data and feedback to measure the effectiveness of campaign communications. 
    2. Expertise in using social media analytics and reporting tools.

Procedure and Timeline

Interested individuals are requested to send a cover letter and Curriculum Vitae (CV). All applications (Application Letter and CV) must be sent via email to the project management team ( [email protected] ) no later than April 24th 2024. Please add "Media & Communication Consultant" as the email subject. 

Submission of application

3 April - 24 April 2024


25 - 26 April 2024


27 April 2024


If there are questions or explanations needed related to the position required. Please contact our team via email at ([email protected]).

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Cinquer, Administrator April 3, 2024
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