Soil Specialist for the Project aGROWForests for Sustainable Spices in Indonesia

aGROWForests Project

aGROWForests is a climate-smart agriculture project that aims to promote sustainable land management practices in the forestry and agriculture sectors to increase resilience to climate change, improve soil health and increase agricultural productivity. The project focuses on implementing agroforestry systems that integrate trees with crops and livestock, contributing to carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation and improving the livelihoods of rural communities. 

Soil Specialists

The main objective of recruiting Soil Specialists is to provide technical expertise and guidance on soil management practices in the context of the agroforestry system implemented in the aGROWForests project. The expert will contribute to the development and implementation of soil conservation strategies, soil fertility management plans, and sustainable land use practices to improve soil health and productivity. 

The Soil Specialist will be responsible for the following tasks: 

  1. Conduct soil assessments and analysis to determine soil health parameters, including soil fertility, structure, and organic matter content. 
  2. Identify soil management challenges and opportunities in agroforestry systems, considering local soil types, climate conditions and crop patterns. 
  3. Develop soil conservation and soil management plans tailored to specific agroforestry sites, focusing on erosion control, nutrient management, and soil moisture retention. 
  4. Provide technical guidance and training to project staff, farmers, and community members on best practices for soil conservation and sustainable land management. 
  5. Collaborate with other project experts, including agronomists, foresters, and community development experts, to integrate soil management practices into overall project activities. 
  6. Monitor and evaluate the impact of soil management interventions on soil health, plant productivity and ecosystem resilience. 
  7. Document lessons learned and best practices related to soil management in agroforestry systems for knowledge sharing and dissemination.


The ideal candidate for the Soil Specialist position should have the following qualification and experience: 

  1. Bachelor's degree (Bachelor's or Master's degree) in soil science, earth science, agronomy, environmental science, or related field. 
  2. At least 5 years of professional experience working in the field of soil conservation, soil fertility management, and sustainable land use projects, preferably in the context of agroforestry systems. 
  3. In-depth knowledge of soil characteristics, soil classification, soil conservation techniques, and sustainable farming practices. 
  4. Experience conducting soil assessments, interpreting soil analysis results, and developing soil management plans. 
  5. Strong communication and training skills, with the ability to interact effectively with a wide range of stakeholders, including farmers, local communities and project partners. 
  6. Ability to work independently and as part of a cross-disciplinary team, with excellent problem-solving and analytical skills. 
  7. Previous experience working on climate-smart agriculture or forestry projects is highly desired.


Soil Specialist Experts are expected to produce the following outputs: 

  1. Consultation regarding soil health monitoring indicators, survey methodology, and recommendations for soil management interventions.
  2. Soil conservation and soil management plans tailored to specific agroforestry sites, incorporating input from stakeholders and project partners.
  3. Materials and training sessions on soil conservation best practices for project staff, farmers and community members.
  4. Monitoring and evaluation reports documenting the impact of soil management interventions on soil health and agricultural productivity.

Duration and location

Soil Specialists are expected to work for the next 2 years, with the possibility of extension based on performance and project needs. This position will be based in Bangka-Belitung, with regular travel to project sites within the project area.


The Soil Specialist will report directly to the Project coordinator, and work closely with other project team members, including agronomists, forestry experts, and community development specialists.

Procedure and Timeline

We ask interested candidates to send us a cover letter, and Curriculum Vitae (CV). All applications (Application Letter and CV) must be sent via email to the project management team ([email protected]) no later than February 29 2024. Add "Soil Specialist Expert Application" as the email subject. 

Submission of application

7-29 February 2024


1-2 March 2024


7 March 2024


If there are questions or explanations needed related to the position required. Please contact our team via email at ([email protected] ).


This recruitment is generally open to qualified professional individuals. We ensure that this recruitment process will be carried out openly and fairly for all applicants who meet the required qualifications. All applicants will be given equal employment opportunities without regard to race, gender, religion or political affiliation.

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Cinquer, Administrator February 7, 2024
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