Lampong Black Pepper

Generally, pepper is identified by its port of export or the region where it is grown. Lampong refers to the indigenous people from the Lampung province of Southern Sumatra, Indonesia, where these black peppercorns are harvested. Lampong Black Pepper is a commercially important black pepper.

Lampong Black Pepper is known all over the world because of its burning pungency, taste and aroma. They are small, tasting fruitful and sharp on the tip of the tongue. The dark shining matt kernels are very pretty in a pepper mill.

Black pepper is obtained by drying the ripe green berries. Quality-conscious food processors prefer whole black pepper since the pepper oil, oleoresin and the flavour of the original spice are retained in them.

Whole Black Pepper

Pure whole black pepper steam sterilized, with raw material from pepper grains belongs to the family of Piperaceae.

Country of Origin: Lampung, Indonesia
Common Name: Lada Hitam (Indonesia), Black Pepper (English)
Botanical Name: Piper nigrum L
Plant Part Used: Seeds

Odor: Has a penetrating odor and hot
Color: Black
Moisture Content (%): Max 12.0
Light Berries (%): Max 2.0
Extraneous Matter (%): Max 1.0Bulk Density (g/L): Min 550.0

E.coli (MPN/g): Absent
Salmonella (detection/25g): Absent

Testing Methods: IPC Method

Double Layer Polypropylene


  • Keep in dry storage room
  • Protected from direct sunlight
  • Free from other strong scents
  • Recommended storage temperature 25-30°C; RH 50-60%