Muntok White Pepper

​Muntok White Pepper is a spice commodity hailing from Indonesia that has gained significant recognition in the global market. This sought-after commodity serves as an essential ingredient for various cuisines in numerous countries due to its distinctive and spicy flavor. Muntok White Pepper stands out with its white color, powerful aroma, and rich taste. Its origin can be traced back to Bangka Island, Indonesia.

Initially, Muntok White Pepper was exported through the Muntok Port, located in the Muntok region of West Bangka Island. This geographical association led to its identification as Muntok White Pepper in the international market. It holds a significant historical presence within the Bangka Belitung community, with its cultural roots dating back to the 19th century.

The production of Muntok White Pepper involves processing fully ripe pepper fruits, which exhibit yellow or red coloring. This processing method includes soaking, washing, and drying the fruits to achieve the desired end product.

Whole White Pepper Double Washed Quality

Pure whole white pepper double washed quality with raw material from Muntok White Pepper grains obtained from farmers in Bangka Belitung Island.

Country of Origin: Bangka Belitung Island, Indonesia
Common Name: Lada Putih (Indonesia), White Pepper (English)
Botanical Name: Piper nigrum L
Plant Part Used: Seeds

Sensory: Normal for odor and flavor characteristics of White Pepper
Color: Ivory white (free from added coloring)
Moisture Content (%): Max 12.0
Light Berries (%): Max 1.0
Dark Color Berries (%): Max 2.0
Foreign Material (%): Max 0.8
Density (g/L): Min 600

E.coli (CFU/g): Absent
Salmonella (CFU/25g): Absent

Testing Methods: USFDA, IPC Standard for Whole White Pepper

Double Layer Polypropylene


  • Keep in dry storage room
  • Protected from direct sunlight
  • Free from other strong scents
  • Recommended storage temperature 25-30°C; RH 50-60%