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Geodata for Agricultural and Water of Pepper Farmer (2018-2021)


Pepper is a smallholder estate crop and a labour intensive commodity tha t is mainly cultivated in Lampung for black pepper, and Bangka Belitung for white pepper. It is also cultivated in Sulawesi, Java, and other areas in Sumatra.

In the past, Indonesia was the leading producer and exporter of black and white pepper in the world; however, in recent years, Indonesia has lost its leading position to Vietnam. Many factors have contributed to the decline in production. For example, instability of price, climate change, and pepper farmer's lack of knowledge on Good Agricultural Practices, resulting in low productivity, plant diseases, lack of quality seeds, and difficulties with water supply. Educating pepper farmers on these issues is crucial to ensure farmers are able to gain sustainable income from pepper farming.

SpiceUp will implement a financially sustainable information servisce that support 100.000 pepper farmers in Indonesia to increase their production, income, food security, and optimize their inputs of water, fertilizers, and perticides.

Spice Up Services

  1. WATER MANAGEMENT ADVICE - This advice will guide farmers if, for example, irrigation is needed for this phase of the crop cycle or if they can rely on the forecasted rainfall.
  2. FERTILIZER ADVICE - Recommendation on type and amount of ferlizer based on soil analysis and pepper variety.
  3. GOOD AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES - Customized advice on how to cultivate peppers, including how to prepare their land.
  4. PEST AND DISEASE - Advice on how to effectively apply pesticides and cure plant diseases.
  5. SUSTAINABLE TRACING SYSTEM - This system allows for the registration and tracing of pepper produced by farmers in the project locations, including sustainability information at plot level.

SpiceUp will target two groups: pepper farmers and business-to-business (B2B) clients, and focus in three locations in Lampung, Bangka Belitung, and Kalimantan. Of the reported 218.000 pepper farmers in these locations, SpiceUp aims to reach 100.000 farmers to become SpiceUp information service subscribers within three years.


The consortium consists of eight public and private organizations



Verstegen is the lead organization in SpiceUp. Verstegen will guide the consortium's work and will be the eventual business owner when the project ends.



ICCO Cooperation is NGo. They support project implementation in the country and will lead the consortium in the project monitoring and evaluation processes.



PT. CAN will lead the farmer training program in GAP and set up demo plots and farms. PT. CAN have representatives in all project areas ensuring good cooperation with farmers.



VanderSat provides high-res satellite imagery and satellite data processing technology. They will work with IPB to provide accurate weather information and soil moisture data analysis.


Institut Pertanian Bogor

IPB will provide soil nutrient maps and together with VanderSat, they will provide accurate weather information.



The Akvo-FLOW tool support the consortium in the field data collection from farmers, as well as monitoring and evaluation.


Nelen & Schuurmans

N&S guides the consortium collecting data from several sources and the translation of the data into new useful information for mobile App.



Balittro will provide trainers for GAP trainings and provide guidance for developing GAP in pepper farming


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